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Released July 2018

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Dragon Pride - Book 5

November 2019

Back from vacation with a new mystery to solve, Lexi continues her quest to gather her Drakes to her side while balancing those already with her.  Look for book 5 early 2019.

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The Magic Continues

Dragon Greed - Book 4

Visit the Sidhe Gardens they said.  It will be worth it they said.  That’s all well and good, but what they failed to mention was that a harmless conversation might lead to scary red eyes and soul separation.  But hey it’s just another day in the life of Lexi Helyanwe.  So if I’ve got to drag a reluctant man around the Everlasting by his hair to find my way back to my men, so be it.  I know I’m a girl on a mission, I just can’t seem to remember what that mission might be.


Join Lexi on her fourth adventure as she gets caught up in the moment and ends up paying for it in the end.  Lucky her, sexy Drakes just keep falling at her feet.  And what else is a girl do, but bring them all home and have a little naughty fun.    

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Other Books in the Series Available Now

Dragonfire Series

Meet Lexi, a Shapeshifter who's goal is to save the Dragon Race from Extinction.  This girl is part Elf, part Dragon with a touch of Lust Demon and an attitude to match.  Join Lexi as she gathers her court, navigates the perils of the Fey and explores strange and wonderful worlds.

Dragon Lust - Book 1

My name is Lexi Helyanwe and I am a Dragon. Well actually I am part Dragon, part Elf, with twist of Lust Demon thrown in. I too was bio-engineered by my parents, whose goal is to save the Dragon race and maybe the Elves, too. Of course if that secret gets out it’s likely I’ll end up sliced and diced on a stainless steel table in some underground lab. My Father somehow managed to break the DNA code and engineer ten male Dragons and little ol’ me. Not great odds when your goal is to save an entire race, but someone had killed his partners and trashed his lab. He’d had no choice but to go into hiding, which ultimately prevented any more experimentation. Lucky for me no one knew that Mom had been inseminated and I was already on a path that would lead me to this room some twenty five years later.

Up until recently I’d managed to live a quiet life in which I was a mild mannered manual writer during the day. However, my nights were a different matter entirely. During the wee hours of the night I liked to skip through the highways and byways of the seedy part of town, working to ensure decent folk were safe from the local non-human underbelly inhabiting San Francisco. This just happened to be one of the reasons why at this exact moment I was sitting in the conference room surrounded by the heads of the most prominent non-human crime organizations. Of course none of them know I’m the one they’re looking for, except of course Jace and Gareth. But then , it was their conference room and their meeting.

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Dragon Rage - Book 2

My name is Lexi Helyanwe and less than a week ago I’d been a nice girl just out looking for a little fun. Fortune had smiled on me and I’d discovered Gareth Blue and Jace Green, my sweeties, both Dragons. Since then my life has turned upside down. I’ve lost my innocence, and my job, took up cohabitation with Gareth and Jace, been to Hell and back… literally, acquired an Elf, a half Goblin, a Minor God, and my very own Demon. Not a bad week, all in all. I’d also slipped up and made the papers when my status as a Princess of Faerie was exposed. I can tell you that hadn’t made Mom happy! She yelled at me, I yelled at her, and she’d gone off to see about getting her Mom, the Queen, to reopen the Sidhe doors. Something that hadn’t happened since they’d slammed closed more than fifty years earlier. That was when a deadly virus had spread worldwide, killing a good portion of the US population, and bringing the non-humans out of the closet, so to speak.

Dragon Envy - Book 3


I am Lexi Helyanwe and soon I must decide if I will take up the mantle of Princess to the Seelie, or become the Queen of Dragons.   My Grandmother has called me home to court.  A place I’ve never been and a welcome that isn’t guaranteed.   Should I wish to keep my beloved guard at my side, I must go and plead my case before the Queen of Air and Light.  I pray to the Goddess that Sidhe politics are not the end of me.  There are many who want what I have, and they will stop at nothing to take it.

With several new potential mates joining her band of men, Lexi must navigate dangerous territory while being forced ever closer to fulfilling her destiny.  Yet duty and its pursuit are not often good bedfellows.  And Lexi soon finds herself caught up in adventure much larger than merely saving the Dragon race. 

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Western Romance

Escape into the past

Anchor 1

Willful Deception

After her estranged father dies leaving Cristobel Andrews his vast estate upon the condition she provide an heir or forfeit everything, she turns to her lifelong friend and ranch Manager for assistance.
Unable to say no to the daughter of his best friend whom he practically raised from birth, Luke Barton finds himself tasked with the unlikely mission of finding the perfect man.
When Jesse Trumble finds himself kidnapped and held for ransom, the last thing he expects is a beautiful accommodating blonde in his bed. Nor that he’d fall in love with the mysterious vixen. And when she disappears leaving behind a hefty payment for services rendered, finding her becomes his number one priority.

Golden Dream

Fleeing an unwanted engagement and forced trip abroad, Honey Dentry returns home to discover her father missing, a range war brewing, and the two brothers she grew up with vying once again for her attentions. The last time the three of them were together, one of them ended up shot, one forced to wed and all three of them heartbroken.

Believing his brother had married the woman he loved, Lance Johnson turned his horse east that fateful day and just kept riding. When he receives a cryptic telegram urging him to return home, he arrives to discover just how wrong he’s been.
When Honey’s ex-fiancé tracks her down with a plan for revenge, the three of them must work together if they are to save themselves.


The Right Man

After two years of abuse and near slavery at the hands of a family that Danielle Bell thought would help her, she finally managed her escape. When she runs into a ruggedly handsome cowboy and his pesky horse she finds herself swept off her feet and starting to believe her luck may have finally changed. But when events deliver her back into the hands of her captors she vows revenge.

Talon Berard should have known better than to trust a woman. He’d let Dani make a fool out of him and was only too happy to be rid of her. So when she turns up in the bed of his dead partner, he sets out to ensure she’ll never get her hands on his share of the partnership, marriage certificate or no.

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"Each man remembers an event differently and tales distort reality.  But true history once recorded, cannot be undone by lies and deceit.  Nor is it open to interpretation.  It is and ever remains the truth.  When a lie has become your reality, it is the truth that destroys you.”

Excerpt from Dragon Envy, Kelly Armenta

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Kelly Armenta

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California girl now living in South Carolina


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